Included with each DVD transfer:
- A interactive main menu which addresses scene / theme changes
- Each scene change will be accessed by a interactive menu at the start of the movie. This makes
it easy to find the exact clip you want to view instead of having to fast forward through the DVD.
(see menu examples)
- Background music will be added if the movies are silent.
- A full sized case is included with every transfer. Personalized case covers are also
available.The case will include
2 copies of the movie. One of the copies should be put away for
archival purposes. Additional copies are available upon request at a cost of $12 (case included).

Pricing is subjective to the type of media you have to transfer. Please E-mail me with a
description of your media and requirements
Remember, NEVER discard the originals!!!
Please Be Aware not all transfers are the same. Quality varies dramatically by the
type of process and equipment used. Most local transfers are done by using
conventional projectors and camcordering the projected image off the wall. The
resulting quality cannot compete with the computerized equipment I utilize.
Conventional projectors can actually damage fragile brittle film.
The quality of tape transfers such as VHS, Beta and camcorder tapes is highly
dependant upon the player used for playback. Professional players are far superior
for picture quality than consumer grade players.

Be smart Ask what method is being used and what kind of equipment its being done
on. If its a big secret, then its probably below par.... Your transfers will likely only get
done the pays to have them done right the first time!