Your film will be gently cleaned. Any bad splices will be repaired, so a smooth capture can
be made.
The video will be copied to computer frame by frame. Each frame will have a 720x480
resolution. The quality of this process is so accurate that pictures can be printed from
individual frames that make up the movie. Do not confuse this process with others who
capture to VHS. The quality of VHS is much lower.
Once on computer, several enhancements will occur. Blank spots, bad focus or any other
requested scenes will be edited out of the computer copy (the original film is never edited).

Color correction will be done to each
individual scene. This is important for film because in
the days of film cameras, the blue filter was commonly left on while filming outdoors. This
left a bluish movie, most of which can now be corrected. Brightness and contrast will also
be adjusted scene by scene.

My "State of the Art" equipment will generate a vivid, flicker-free movie that will actually
play better than the original. The playback speed will also be as it was filmed.

Film has a limited lifespan. Over time, it becomes brittle, fades, and can even grow
bacteria that will eventually destroy it. Don't wait until its too late. Have your precious
memories transferred professionally.
Store your films in a cool, dry and dark place. Clothes closets are ideal. Do not store them
in a damp basement or garage. Zip lock bags will work to keep moisture out.

I can repair your damaged film, tapes, slides, negatives and photos. Don't discard them!

- Reg 8mm, Super 8mm, Super 8mm+Sound
- 16mm, 16mm+Sound